In late 2008, in an effort to get myself playing more games, I decided to play all 52 scenarios from Scenarios For All Ages by
Charles S Grant and Stuart Asquith. More than that, I decided to play them in order, 1 a week, starting on Nov 5. I knew I wouldn't
manage to play every week so I set a deadline of Dec 31st 2009. With a little help from my friends, I made it with a day to spare.

In the end, I played 52 games in 60 weeks. 34 solo games, 15 face to face games, 3 Play-by-Email mini-campaigns
17 other gamers from 4 countries participated, (Canada 11, US 4, Ireland 1, Argentina 1)

11 'periods' were played - 20/25mm Ancients (3), Prince Valiant 40mm skirmish (9), 40mm 16thC (10),
40mm semi-flat War of Polish Sucession (1), 40mm AWI (2), 40mm Pirate
Skirmish (5), 40mm early 19thC fictional (17), 15mm ACW (1), 25mm Zulu War (1),
20mm WWII (1), 20mm 1960's fictional (2)

I posted a brief report on each game on my webpage. I am shutting down my website so I am re-posting
the reports here, starting at Game #52 so that they will eventually appear in order. The reports were written in a variety of voices and tenses (sometimes all mixed together!) and it was tempting to rewrite them but I have left them as they were originally written with only very minor corrections, particularly to things like links.

To avoid copyright issues and save myself work, I have not given the details of the scenarios. Having a copy of the book will help make sense of the reports. The book may currently be purchased from John Curry at as well as from booksellers like On Military Matters and Caliver.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

26 April 2009 Scenario 21: Initiative 2

This game was played by the 2 Jefferies Bickle and myself using my 40mm Elastolin Prince Valiant figures and Medieval Mayhem.

The 2nd game followed on as Prince Michael led a renewed force to forestall a Saxon attempt to kidnap the Princess Kathleen who had been traveling to Fulford and had taken shelter in the forest tower. Michael sent the mercenary captain, Preisages galloping ahead with his horse archers, supported by Sir Jeffrey and a party of his grandfather's soldiers. Spotting a shortcut through the woods, he led his Valdurians into the dark forest. Helgin sent his Pictish allies ahead and a fierce cavalry battle broke out .

Before Helgin could come up, Sir Jeffery had joined in and slain the last of the mounted raiders and Preisages had galloped on to hold the bridge. Sir Jeffery stood beside him for a moment but on the approach of the dense columns of Saxon infantry, mumbled something about the Princess and galloped off to the tower where he lurked while Preisages held the bridge single handedly against a dozen Pictish spearmen. At last he slew the Pictish chieftain and the remainder broke and ran. Rearing his black stallion with a shout of triumph, he let down his guard and a cowardly Saxon archer hiding amidst the shield wall let fly and brought the great warrior down. Seeing this Sir Jeffery was struck with remorse and galloped forward over the bridge and threw himself upon the Saxons where he was soon dragged from his horse and battered senseless. Will Count Hubert ransom him?

While the fight for the bridge was raging, Helgin sent yet another warband forward against the Count's men and shield struck shield in a fierce melee, with a deft stroke the tribune struck down the Saxon warchief but these fierce raiders stood firm and a sudden unexplainable panic seized their enemy and ignoring the calls of their officers, they fled the field.

So where was Prince Michael you ask? It seems the forest track was not as wide and clear as it seemed and his scouts lost their way and Michael, apparently not doubting them, followed in their footsteps. He emerged to find himself behind the main Saxon force. Only the Raven Bearer and a handful of men stood in his way. With a shout Michael led his men forward but the lightly armed Saxons fled faster than Michael and his men could pursue. Pausing to get their breath, they looked to the tower and in dismay saw Sir Jeffery go down as Pictish tribesmen swarmed up the path to the tower whose door stood open.

Was the Princess within or had she fled? Helgin and his whole force now stood between Michael and the tower. There was nothing to be done but gather up the wounded and the catapult which had been dragged so far to so little purpose and retire to Fulford Castle leaving scouts to keep an eye on the Saxons.

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